Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures for Romantic Loft Retreat Contest

Loads of potential oozes from the non-load-bearing walls of the second floor of this home! We will have a lot of room to play with once we get rid of a few unnecessary walls, and we know that you will help us to transform it into a romantic getaway for our guests!

The current bedroom has beautiful windows that overlook part of the wooded lawn, and a beautiful built-in shelving section that will definitely stay!

However, the bedroom needs to be expanded so that it is not nearly so crowded and the doorway not so cramped!
The midsection of the upper level is a hallway with sloped ceilings and an unattractive closet, and connects the three upper rooms. However, we'd like to cut it down to just one bedroom in this suite.
Finally, we hope to add a private balcony or deck, and think we may do it from the side of the house, taking out the windows of one of the upstairs rooms to convert it into a door. We may also try adding it from several other spots depending on the home construction.

We know you can help us make this beautiful! Please check back again soon for the link to start bidding on the creation of this romantic suite!

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